Indian Foot Massage (Kansa Vatki)

What is Kansa Vatki foot massage?

Kansa Vatki foot massage with marma therapy is a soothing treatment, which balances the mind, body and spirit. The therapy works on the marma points (energy channels) on the feet and legs. According to Indian Ayurvedic medicine all energy channels begin in the scalp and end on the soles of the feet. 

What does the treatment involve?

The treatment begins with some relaxing foot and lower leg massage moves.The heart of the therapy involves rubbing the soles of the feet with a small metal bowl made from copper, tin and zinc. The treatment ends with a sequence of marma massage. This  helps to detoxify and re-balance the body’s energy. 

Who is the treatment for?

Anyone who wants to treat themselves to a pleasurable, revitalising foot massage. It is beneficial to people who stand on their feet a lot as part of their job.

Benefits of Kansa Vatki foot massage

Relaxes tired feet.
Improves blood and lymphatic circulation.
Enhances joint mobility in lower limbs.
Helps to reduce stress.